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How it Happened

Here today, gone tomorrow

How it Happened

You won’t see me down!

October 28th, 2009 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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Yea, I am home.  I like being home.  That owner of mine treats me so well.  I get to eat in the morning all I want, all I want in the evening and for some reason, he goes nuts with snacks.  They come out of a box with pictures of other happy dogs on them.

He made me a  nice soft bed out of old sofa cushions.  He wrapped a plastic wrap around them, put pads, then a sheet and a quilt on top of it.  You would think I was one royal dog, but I like the attention.

My buddy Star, the other dog, is cool now.  She doesn’t try to get me to chase her anymore which is cool.  I can be the center of attraction.  The old man in the wheelchair keeps saying he loves me, but the tone is not like my owner’s tone.  I like rubbing against my owner because everytime I do, he rubs my head, side or gives me a pat on the shoulder…the good one.

Speaking of shoulders:  I hope my shoulder heals.  This stuff is getting old.  My elbow seems worse too.  I am doing what I can to keep off of it, but it just does not seem to be healing.  I overheard my owner telling his wife that if it does not get better, he is bringing me back to the vet.  Man, I have to learn new barks everytime I am there.  Why do I need to learn new barks?
I like being able to go in the back yard now, but the floor seems to be my best spot to have accidents.  My owner said he thinks my rhythm is off, maybe I got used to doing it anywhere, but who knows?  I am trying, they are patient, so I will try harder too.  I can go all night without going, but once day time comes, man I drop a present on the floor or try to make a lake for water skiing across the tile.

I left a bunch of land mines in the yard today too.  It could be all that good food and snacks too.

I am going to share something with you guys.  Yesterday my owner gave me my squeaky toy.  I dig the doodles out of that thing.  I am not sure which is better…the comforter that I ate up or the squeaky, but man, it was great to have that thing between my teeth again.  After I got it all slimy, I gave it to him.  He took it and threw it down the hallway, sort of like old times.  Why does he have to cry when I fetch?  Man, all I did was make him happy and bring it back to him.  He threw it again and there I was making him happy again, getting it and bringing it to him.  This time, I tired after four trips, so I rested.  He did not expect me to bring it back ten minutes later and then I wore him out, so you see…  I have spunk!

I am ready for the next level, but my hair has to grow and these sores need to heal.  Oh, and if I have spots with no hair, I suppose that is the way it is going to me.  One thing for sure, not too many folks have companions like me, an Proud Three-legged Irish Wolfhound that fetches!

More later!

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  • Codie Rae

    Wow, your posts are incredible! Are you a writer?

    Hunter, quit poopin’ in the house man! Not what a proud Wolfhound otter be doing! But hey buddy, give it a little time and you will make the Irish proud! Glad you are here and keep the posts coming, they are riveting!

    Woohoo, tripawd wolfhounds rule!

  • admin

    We love to hearing about your spunk Hunter, keep making us cry!

  • wyattraydawg

    Hey Hunter, don’t worry about the landmines or the lakes on the tile. Check out what I did in my pawrent’s RV the other night! And they STILL love me, go figure?!

    Hope we get to meet sometime, you sound so cool. Where do you live?

    Your friend,
    Wyatt Ray Dawg

  • Hunter

    Nah, just a natural thing. I gotta be me!

  • Hunter

    Wolfhounds may be lazy, but we pay attention. Good thing that wheelchair dude got my back leg! I can still send messages with my front ones! LOL

    Hey, thanks for writing. I am tired now. I had a rough day decorating the yard and floor, so I need some rest. One more round of meds too. Yucky stuff, but I get my throat rubbed pretty good when I take them and a lot of good boys after.

    Take care and keep in touch.

  • Hunter

    Pretty cool story. I want to take a trip.

    Hey, I live in Hammond, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. My owner is a big Saints fan with season tickets. I think he is getting tickets to see LSU Saturday night. He is always grading papers……

  • jakesmom


    Glad to hear you’re doing well and helping to decorate your pawrents house with your own personal flair (poops and pees! :-)) I can’t believe that the old man in the wheelchair told you he loves you… What a big step, even if he doesn’t sound sincere (yet)… I’m sure you are slowly wearing him down… and maybe one of these days, you will become his good friend! That’ll show him, eh?!!

    Keep getting better and stronger each day… and tell that dad of yours to hurry up and figure out how to post pictures of you on your blog!!

    Jake (and his mom)

  • Hunter

    Would you tell him how, because he won’t give me the disk and my paws are too big to pull it out of the camera.

  • jakesmom

    I’m sure that Wyatt’s dad can explain it to him, step-by-step. It really isn’t that hard… Hey, he finally figured out how to add your avatar pict… That’s a good start!!!

    Jake (and his mom)

  • Hunter

    He tries. He really does. He means well, so give him time, ok?

  • jakesmom

    OK… so it’s been almost a week already… did you dad learn how to post some pictures of you yet??!

    Jake’s Mom

  • Hunter

    Tell him how!

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